First Year Thrive

First Year Thrive is a 5 hour online-only program rooted in Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Self-Compassion designed to be used as part of an institution's first year orientation or pre-orientation. This program provides first-year students with the tools and resources needed to better manage stress, improve resiliency, and thrive throughout the first-year college experience and beyond. 


Program Details

  • 19 engaging instructional video segments led by renowned thought-leaders across the country. (5 hours of content)
  • 10 Instructive, experiential exercises and practices related to course content that provide students with tangible tools to enhance their first-year college experience.
  • Reflection assignments that promote critical thinking enabling students to better connect with the material presented.
  • 100+ relevant supporting resources including but not limited to: articles, websites, books, videos, and research papers.
  • An instructional guide to help institutions facilitate an optional in-person discussion of program content.
  • Parent access to program and additional resources to facilitate parental support in the students transition to college. (Optional)
  • 5 End of module quizzes to support comprehension of material. (Optional)
  • 1 End of program assessment to ensure student completion and participation. (Optional)
  • Certificate of completion. (Optional)

Platform Features

  • Accessible Design (ADA Compliance)
  • Administrative View for Learner Analytics
  • All-in-one calendar
  • Collaborative tools and activities
  • Completion Reports and Evaluations
  • Convenient file management
  • Detailed reporting and logs
  • Embedded external resources
  • Group management
  • Modern, easy to use interface
  • Multimedia Integration
  • Notifications
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Responsive Design
  • Secure authentication
  • Security and privacy
  • Simple and intuitive text editor
  • Track progress

Program Content

  • Positive Psychology
  • Stress and Mental Health
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Compassion
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion