Student Workshops

Interested in proactively supporting college student mental health, but don’t have the ability to offer a dedicated program right now? U-Thrive Educational Services can provide one of the following live online 90-minute workshops directly to your students:  


Mindfulness: A Powerful Tool to Manage Stress

Stress in college (and life) is inevitable. The goal shouldn’t be to get rid of stress, but rather to learn how to effectively manage it. In this workshop, students will learn the concept of Mindfulness and how it can be used as a tool to deal with stress. Students will have the opportunity to experience Mindfulness practices they can easily incorporate into their daily lives to gain a greater sense of clarity, awareness, and peace.

Self-Compassion: The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself

Perfectionism is pervasive on college campuses. Oftentimes we treat ourselves more harshly during times of perceived failure than we would treat a friend going through a similar experience. In this workshop students will learn about the concept of self-compassion; explore the relationship with their inner critic and how they treat themselves; and learn how to be kinder to themselves in difficult or challenging moments.

Grit, Growth Mindset, & Resilience: Skills to Persevere Through Tough Times

College can be tough, but the good news is that there are ways to help navigate challenging times. In this workshop students will learn about the concepts of grit, growth mindset, and resilience and how cultivating these skills will help them persevere.

Relationships & Communication: Connecting with Others to Thrive in College & Beyond

Relationships are the number one predictor that college students will succeed. In this workshop students will understand the importance of relationships and how they impact well-being; learn strategies to cultivate new relationships and strengthen existing ones; and develop effective communication skills through Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication.

Professional Development

Caring for students begins with caring for oneself. We offer Higher Education Professionals three different experiential workshops:

  • Positive Psychology: The Art of Human Flourishing
  • Mindfulness: Cultivating Present Moment Awareness
  • Self-Compassion: The Power of Self-Kindness

These highly interactive sessions will introduce participants to practices and techniques that will reduce stress, increase resilience, and improve communication skills. Participants will walk away with basic tools and exercises that are easy to implement into their daily personal and professional lives.